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Glory Bound is a high energy rock band based out of

Southwestern Rhode Island

Let's meet the members!

Chris Smith: Vocals

Chris has always been an avid listener to rock, heavy metal and punk music.  He began to study guitar at age 17 and he began to study becoming a vocalist in 2017.  Chris has played with several local musicians at many local venues throughout Rhode Island, most recently in a local punk band known as The Dirty Birds.  

Dan C Jr: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Dan has been playing music since he was 3 years old. He started out as an alto saxophone player in elementary school until graduating high school. Dan received his first guitar at age 11, and has been self-taught up until now. He joined his first band as a senior in high school, adopting his stage name "Dan C Jr" during that time. Dan has played in numerous battle of the bands, benefit concerts and even has made an appearance at a music festival in Germany.  

Adam Simoneau: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Adam, AKA "Daddy A", is an MBA-going-on-guitarist. Born and raised in the small state of Rhode Island, Adam's hobbies include drinking out of water bubblers, being a bad driver but most importantly, being an avid musician. Fortunately for Adam, there are plenty of talented local artists cranking out great music to keep him company while he's sipping a Del's behind the wheel!  Adam is a sucker for jazz, swing & Swancore.  Adam has a history of performing music with several local musicians and at several different venues in the region.  To Adam, Glory Bound represents the best of what community-based music has to offer.

Stephen James Heredia-Smith: Bass, Backing Vocals

Stephen has been a working bass player for 11 years. He studied music composition at Cornell College in Iowa, where his electro-acoustic works were recognized at local and national conferences. While in college, Stephen played upright bass in ensembles and groups ranging from klezmer bands to orchestras. Having returned to his roots in RI, Stephen continues to write and play with a variety of rock and jazz groups.

Tony Nimmo: Drums

Tony has been a drummer since his youth, with decades of experience playing the drums.  Growing up with family members also being musicians, and his father owning a music store, Tony is naturally born to be a high calibre musician.  Tony is well known for his several contributions in several bands and musical acts in the area, and can been seen blowing the roof off like no other drummer at any venue he plays at.  Whether it's original music, covers, or any musical genre for that matter, Tony will always have the groove ready to go.   


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